Storm Drain Mural Projectstorm drain mural map

Unless the streets are flooding, most of us walk right past storm drains every day and don’t think twice about the underground water highway they connect to. In Dane County, these storm sewer highways often travel to local waterways without being cleaned, carrying trash, soil and other pollutants to our lakes, rivers and streams. A new Storm Drain Mural Program led by the Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership, Dane County and Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) is using storm drains as a canvas to educate residents about stormwater pollution through art.  The goal of these colorful murals is to capture the attention of those who pass by, help them understand where the stormwater that enters their storm drain flows and get them thinking about what they can do to “Keep It Clean”.

Twenty murals were painted across thirteen Dane Co. communities in 2018. Half of these murals were designed with the help of local schools and afterschool groups. The students first learned about stormwater pollution and solutions and then created designs for a mural in their community. DAMA collected the student designs ideas and used them to create unique storm drain murals which students helped paint. The remaining ten murals were designed by local artists.

Check out all the designs on our Storm Drain Mural Map