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Sale Open to MAMSWaP Residents Only

The cost of the plant kits available in this sale was subsidized in large part by the Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership (MAMSWaP), and therefore, the sale is only open to residents who live in MAMSWaP communities. MAMSWaP communities include: the City of Fitchburg, City of Madison, City of Middleton, City of Monona, City of Stoughton, City of Sun Prairie, City of Verona, Village of Cottage Grove, Village of Cross Plains, Village of DeForest, Village of Maple Bluff, Village of McFarland, Village of Shorewood Hills, Village of Waunakee, Village of Windsor, Town of Blooming Grove, Town of Burke, Town of Middleton, and the Town of Westport.

Downspout Garden Plant Kit Sale- SOLD OUT

August 7th-11th, 2023 or while supplies last

Join us in celebrating Stormwater Week by planting a downspout garden! Downspout gardens help roofwater soak into the ground, similar to rain gardens, but without the depression. They require much less effort to install and can take up less space. Even a small (5'x5') garden can have a huge impact! These small gardens are located near the discharge of a downspout, have compost added to the soil, and are planted with native plants or grasses. Do you part to curb runoff and order a downspout garden plant kit!

Native Downspout Garden Plant Kit Sale** Details:

  • 32 plant downspout garden kits (part sun or full sun). 
    • Part Sun Kit includes: 4 Brown Fox Sedge, 4 Calico Aster, 5 Great Blue Lobelia, 4 Long-Beaked Sedge, 4 Purple Coneflower, 6 Tall Anemone, and 5 Wild Columbine
    • Full Sun Kit includes: 5 Great Blue Lobelia, 4 Plains Oval Sedge, 4 Prairie Dropseed, 4 Showy Black-eyed Susan, 4 Smooth Blue Aster, 6 Smooth Penstemon, and 5 Wild Columbine
  • Kits were designed for a 30-35 square foot garden using approximately one plant per 1 square foot. 
  • 1 kit per household
  • Limited supply! Orders will only be accepted August 7 - 11, 2023 or while supplies last.
  • Cost: $30/kit (normally ~$80/kit)
  • Pickup Details: Plant kits will be available for pickup at the Lussier Family Heritage Center, located at 3101 Lake Farm Rd, Madison, WI 53711 on Wed., Sept. 13th from 3-7pm and Thurs., Sept. 14th from 8am-12pm. Kits must be picked up during these times. 
  • **Sale open to residents of Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership (MAMSWaP) communities only.